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Roberta Pedon

Big boob star Roberta Pedon
Aliases: Robin, Robbie, Roberta, Sam, Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver
Cup size: 36DD
Birthdate: May 2, 1954 ()

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Roberta Pedon, real name is rumored to be either Rosma Laila Grantovskis or Rosma Laila Apodoca but probably neither, was born in either Ohio or California. She began appearing in magazines in the early 70's, modeling under various names, but had settled on the name Roberta Pedon by 1974. She almost always dressed as a hippie with love beads and bandana's and then disappeared before the 70's were over.

Roberta is the child of Latvian parents (or Italian or Argentinian). She spoke Portuguese and English with no accent. She modeled/acted under the names Robin, Robbie, Roberta, Sam, Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver.

One of the reasons Roberta remains a mystery to this day is that she talked little of herself and when she did, it contradicted what she earlier had said. People who knew her alternately described her in contradictory terms as well, professional - flaky - troubled - carefree.

What is generally agreed upon was that she had a troubled life, an addiction to drugs and had been arrested for prostitution in September 1975 in San Francisco. At this point she lost her modeling contract.

While her modeling career and early life is a tangle of rumors and assumptions, her life after the 70's is a complete mystery. Competing stories has Roberta to have had some children and a breast reduction. Another to have died in the mid-80's of liver disease alone and destitute. Others have her changing her identity after a robbery, while other series has her being a prostitute in many major cities.

I hope none of the rumors are true and she was just the laid back and relaxed hippie we saw her as. She came, had a blast modeling - doing it because she was laid back and relaxed about showing off her gravity defying boobs and hourglass figure then moved on to something else she loved. I hope she never looked back. I hope she's just as happy and sweet now as she ever was back then. For now, she's frozen in time in the summer of 1975, a legend.

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