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Lolo Ferrari

Big boob star Lolo Ferrari
Aliases: Lola Ferrari
Cup size: 56G
Birthdate: March 4, 1962 ()

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Lolo Ferrari, real name Eve Valois, was born to a well to do family in La Baule, France. Her father left the family when Lolo was young and her mother never got over it. She didn't wallow in pity though but turned her hate on her daughter. Lolo had said in many interviews that her mother constantly called her names and whipped her - saying she was worthless and no man would ever love her. Lolo took her mothers ravings too heart and group up wanting to be someone else.

In 1987, Lolo who had already done a few modelling jobs met her future husband Eric Vigne. Within a year they were married and he began to mold the all too willing teen into a money making side show. She changed her name to Lolo (which is french slang for tits) Ferrari (the car company sued and lost) and began having plastic surgery which fed her desire to be someone else and her husbands desire to make money off of her. First was her lips, then nose and eyes then her breasts. Her husband designed the massive wonders and it took a few years to find a doctor willing to do the surgery. These aren't 'silly string' implants that slowly grow but silicone that stretch the skin. Lolo got hers as big as you possibly can before it starts ripping the skin. Her tits weighed around 6 pounds each and were hard as rocks.

Lolo's instability showed itself in other ways - her obsessive use of jewellry (she had panic attacks without it) and her need to cover her skin fully with makeup constantly. She constantly took pills and drank alcohol as well - basically she was an accident waiting to happen and the public loved her being the butt of all their jokes (much like they did with Anna Nicole Smith.

Lolo appeared on a European show called Eurotrash for awhile and released a couple of songs as well. On March 5 2000 she was found dead in her house by her husband. At first it was believed she had overdosed but later it was found she was suffocated. Theories began circulating about whether her husband killed her or she was suffocated by her own boobs. Her husband was arrested for not assisting his wife and held for a year before being released. The trial to find out exactly how Lolo died still hasn't happened.

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