Model: Maserati 06.24.2011
Watch the full movie at Cum Bang
Watch the full movie at Cum Bang
There's no doubt that Maseratti XXX's boyfriend has fucked up big time. The time they spent together was tossed out the window once that cheating heart of his fell for a white girl. Maserati XXX has confronted her black boyfriend on the matter and it got violent since a mad sista is a physical one. Revenge is a dish best served cold............with tons of hot, white goo as the main course. Maserati XXX found 8 of the meanest rednecks so that her mind could forget about his cheating ways. That black cheater gave up the fattest black jugs for some skank white girl and that just won't go unanswered. Maserati XXX goes down the line and teases each white boy until the bulge in his pants is ready to detonate. This black sexpot finally succumbs to her desires by scarfing down on each white dick until her throat can take no more. There's no romancing this sexual dynamo as she's bent over and offers up that black pussy for all available white cocks. The Confederacy of cock plows her black box until each good ol' boy blast several cannons of white goo all over her face and fat titties.
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