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Updated February 21, 2011

My traffic trading script will return traffic based solely on your productivity when you sign up. If your traffic is not productive, you will not receive as much traffic back. If your traffic is very productive you will get a very high return (200-500% is not uncommon).

Please do not sign up if you do not intend to force some traffic. I will not be sending back any traffic until you have sent me 500 raws. The best traffic you can get from me is from my toplists. One is on the main page but, more importantly, the top 15 trades are located on the model pages. THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE! The higher you are on the toplist the more productive my traffic will be (as more people click on the top sites). If you aren't on the toplist then you are really just getting the 'bottom of the barrel' traffic which could be great but not the best you can do.

Sending Traffic

  • You must send me 500 raws before I will send any traffic back. This could take you an hour or weeks, it doesn't matter, I count it all.
  • If you don't send any hits in a 24 hour period our trade will be put on hold or deleted
  • Hardlinks will get you the highest percentage of traffic back

The Rules

  • No Illegal Sites
  • No Delayed Refreshes
  • No Zero Sized Frames or Image Sources
  • Do Not Open my Site in ANY Console
  • MAXIMUM of ONE Exit Console is allowed
  • NO Entry Consoles
  • You MUST have your own domain
  • No Dialer AutoDownloads
Send all traffic to http://www.lanasbigboobs.com/
Email Contact: lana@lanasbigboobs.com


Please email me if there are any problems

Send Hits To: http://www.lanasbigboobs.com/
E-Mail: lana@lanasbigboobs.com
Domain Name:
example: yourdomain.com (no http://www.)
Site Name:
Name of your site for top list.
Site Url:
This is where you want us to send hits to. For example:
Your E-Mail:
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