The Rules

Ensure you read all of these rules and follow them when submitting your galleries. I will post your galleries on the appropriate model page if your gallery is approved. If not, I will email you why it wasn't approved. Thanks for submitting!
  1. I will not post anything illegal
  2. At least 10 pics or 30seconds of movies per gallery.
  3. No consoles on entrance or exit. No blind links or mouse overs. No frames on page.
  4. Thumbs must not open to a new window.
  5. Thumbs must only lead to a real picture which matches the thumb.
  6. If gallery has links to other sites, it must have one to here (see below of approved links). I do accept clean galleries.

Reciprocol Links

Button Link
Please DO NOT link to this image. Download it to your site. If you use any other recip images, please use ours as well.
<a href=""><img src="whereyouputit/lbbbaner.jpg" width="120" height="56"></a>
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